The thief left it behind: the moon at my window - Ryokan

Saturday, August 23, 2008

power of love

May mercy flow to all beings...
may suffering and pain on earth be embraced rather than denied...
so it can be seen as the illusion it is...
And give way to the eternal power of Love

tears are shed...
listen.. the sobbing echoes through all time

in this life
...arranged bundle of bones look out knowingly through large eyes
...woman burned by your husband bear the scars of war... below the skin

aah my cry echoes through all time...
my arms reach out to enfold
to my weeping heart

Kali looks on...
she knows the cycles
of this dual existence

and we fear her! and these cycles...
...until we embrace them lovingly to our Heart

when we reject the object of our fear
how fear thrives!

and fear
must dissipate in the face of love...

... written after reflecting on a trauma counseling session

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