The thief left it behind: the moon at my window - Ryokan

Thursday, August 21, 2008

random journal notes is not in the realm of thought and ideas
Though we can think about it

- the thought can hover around as indication
- rather than ever capture:

it is therefore a realm free of all preconception
a place of eternal and utter creation
convergence, timeless, perpetual

its described in literature as 'Oneness'
and it is usually said that this is arrived at through meditation
I am believing it is arrived at through awareness...
letting go of preconceptions

what I am seeing now is a rift between this state of Be-ing -
and the one who acts in the duel world

this leads me to believe a shift still needs to take place within me...

(I am seeing it's not about changing
but traveling with experiences...)
not about coming or going -

it is in the now
not the future - not time related
not about changing self
- letting go... surrender
embracing the moment/all...

letting go of past conditioning
etc: "bad news" only appears so
because we have been conditioned to believe it is so
- past references

"your house is burning down"- has a certain effect on us
because we have learned this...

embracing and acceptance
is to be in the moment..

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