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Monday, August 25, 2008

Sharing True Eloquence

I was looking at Assaji son's (True Eloquence) photo this morning
and we were sharing our sadness that traditional clothing is not often worn

my thoughts:

isn't it like that?
The youth always want to create something new
or at least 'be modern'
and so what was once status quo becomes traditional
and 'an old hat'
... to be followed by nostalgia

I guess that's why I loved wearing a chuba and following the traditional Tibetan ceremony on my wedding day!
Because Tibet is so threatened a culture
- having the opportunity to bring these traditions into the wider world
is so special - and gives them longevity

The other thing is -
the new is also inevitable

We have a push and pull situation going on

... looking over our shoulder with longing
while forging new paths ahead ...

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