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Saturday, August 23, 2008



Tenzin Palmo

sharing what I wrote...

last night listening to Tenzin Palmo
what beautiful spirit
bringing up a vision of a surfer
sitting in perfect poise
meditation on the crest of a wave
saying 'I am bliss
no wave shall ever rock me
I am perfectly centred
knowing every trial
strengthens me
and is welcomed as an opportunity'

...and when she reached for a bottle of water to drink...
there was an endless moment of poignant silence
and an unexplained tear ran from each of my eyes...
feeling utter love

I'm adding to this entry a few days after writing the above....having reflected with loved ones....

….that moment when she stopped…
and reached for a bottle of water to drink.
when I felt tears spring to my eyes and roll down my cheeks.

... Later talking about it to Gien
… he is so beautiful… the way he reflects things back…
we reach greater understanding this way…
...made me I realise what moved me so intensely

…. it was the way she held the moment...
she wasn't 'taking time out'
saying.. 'aaah excuse me for a second.. just need a drink' … and then returning…
she was moving into this moment.. as she had the previous…
and Being in this moment
as authentically
as she had been in the previous…
it was as though it didn't matter
if she was saying something profound
or having a sip of water…
it was all the same…
…sooo beautiful!

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