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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where are you taking risks?


the risk I take is the intention of speaking/living my truth

the greater risk I do not wish to take

is not doing this

I find that being my truth
invariably places me at odds with larger society
which wishes to take the route which appears easiest

however we see in the long term
it is not the easiest
eg: global warming

there is so much suffering which grows from ignorance

look at China and Tibet
we on this planet are all interwoven with this
...the outcomes is already echoing down the passage of time
What we see and accept happening to Tibet
is the microcosm of the macrocosm to come

the world folds its arms
in the face of others suffering

America has ongoing wars for wealth
dressed up as a righteous thing

the world watched what happened to the Jews in Germany
till five to twelve

South Africa
now Zimbabwe
...just a few examples
of suffering
all round the planet

it seems no country aids another
unless it's an opportunistic venture

and the way of the world has been
to use violence to quell violence...

karmic seeds are sewn
and the wheel of samsara turns....

caught in a web
and feel paralysed
when we do not know where to start

prayer is underestimated
start there

and start by looking at the mind
through meditation

...we can start
believing what we feel

our feelings
speak our truth

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