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Monday, August 18, 2008

What is a Soul Mate?


A precious friend asked me today if I know the secret to finding a soul mate
mmm... I am so aware than I am always in the process
of learning wonderful lessons!
Sharing my reply:

...I believe every dream we have happens

I recently had an experience where a dream happened
- after it ceased to be a dream of mine…

I think Yogananda wrote something like this in his Autobiography of a Yogi
- that our dreams always manifest

I guess the thing is to remember our reason for being here:
to learn lessons
and that Life is the perfect teacher

....mmm… how does one find a soul mate?
I'm pretty sure there isn't a recipe
- life doesn't work that way, does it?

I certainly have had some very challenging relationships!
- learned some of my greatest lessons
Relationships are amazing initiation chambers

one's dreams manifest sooner or later
and the universe has its own timing
(which is perfect):
sometimes we've outgrown the dream
by the time it comes round!

There are some dreams
which are like a life mission:
the reason why we came to earth
- we hear them whispering through our feelings
and our feelings pull us in right direction when we listen

another thing I love to remember
- is that the things we most admire in others
- or the people we really admire -
This is what we will manifest in ourselves in time

Admiration manifests its source
- because it is a form of desire

- the thing is to be aware
that what we're admiring
- is our next set of lessons

It all comes down to attachment
- all our desires
create our samsara
- the cycles of lessons we are caught up in
- till we break free of them
by learning the lesson

This is my caution
about things like the popular book/movie, 'The Secret'
and 'mind power' approaches so popular these days
- yes, we do manifest our desires
- but the desire/manifestation brings suffering

Desire; the great manifester
is but a symptom of an unlearned lesson
the real secret
- is acceptance
(this is not to say 'be passive'
and is a subject in itself!)

I think another thing
which brings happiness
- not only in relationships with people but in general
- is to speak one's truth

when there's discomfort or pain -
arising in any relationship or situation
- if we do not act on our feelings -
we become victims
caught in a web of deception
created by our 'silence'

I do believe too
that learning to speak/manifest one's truth
is a life journey
- a process like peeling away layers of an onion

- when we 1st decide to practice it
we often speak the most obvious feelings
- while the subtle one's are overlooked
- and sooner or later these seeds
manifest their promise…

Its a wonderful process
moving along the path
of giving expression to our truth
- which will lead us to our essence
and therefore real lasting joy

If we live our truth
- noting feelings of discomfort
or the opposite
- and act on them -
we simply can't go wrong
we become our truth

in short:
Know dreams manifest
Practice acceptance
Speak your truth....


Art and Poetry said...

I like this it is true and helpful.


HummingBird said...

thank you, Art and poetry