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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shadows & reflections and Before thought

Shadows and reflections

Shadows and reflections have been inspiring me so!
I have been photographing them and contemplating painting too.

The other day while teaching an art class I noticed
a reflection cast by light through the window
reflecting on the floor tiles
I was enraptured.
The 'picture' was so powerful and entrancing

I glanced from the window which cast this image
back to the light reflecting
and back...
in that moment I found they were the same

I posted photographs of shadows and reflections in a facebook album
I was delighted to see the responses of others
- they too were entranced
a dialogue started between myself and a friend
I tried to put in in a nutshell:

'...lately I'm looking at shadows and am not sure which is more 'the object' -
this is really abstract (love this word - it lets me off the hook of trying to explain!)
but I'm seeing the world and life as reflections or shadows

....Plato spoke of this:

""The Allegory of the Cave" symbolizes this trek and how it would look to those still in a lower realm. Plato is saying that humans are all prisoners and that the tangible world is our cave. The things which we perceive as real are actually just shadows on a wall."

Before Thought
Life is short and as long as we travel towards enlightenment we shall mourn this.
When we become enlightened we shall no longer be rocked by these journeys.

Life is so short
bearing this in mind – we need to use each jeweled possible second
because we do not know when it’s going to end.
We must love others in each second
because we do not know when their moment of passing will arrive.

I read something beautiful the other day about ‘before thought’ - and it has grabbed me!

'Before thought' is a place in the mind which is so sacred and liberating.
A simple shift of focus.
It is thought which creates all this pain, sorrow and passing joy.
There is peace, love and eternity in before thought


CG Walters said...

thank you, Anna.
Shadow being less than explicit, leaves so much more room for reality.
...and I very much liked the piece about before-thought. Thought rises, Tao eclipses.

love and blessings, dear one,

Art and Poetry said...

This is a very good post, well done!
I like to understand everything and I hope you don't mind me asking this but why is there beauty?

HummingBird said...

Hi Art and Poetry
I just asked my daughter how she'd answer your question and her reply was:
'beauty is food for the soul'
and I responded:
does this mean so called 'ugliness' is not?
and she said:
ugliness is food for thought

I enjoyed the playfulness of her responses

I personally do not think there's anything such as beauty - rather it's a perception which we create or do not create.

Right now the chat is unfolding with my daughter (she's in London and I'm in South Africa) and she's just said something nice:

'anyway, that's why we need beauty, for its positive energy. Coz it's love in another form'

I like that ;). What do you think?

HummingBird said...

CG, I love that response

"Thought rises, Tao eclipses."

- its as tantalising as shadows and reflections are!

... leaves so much more room for reality."...

I found myself stopping here and wondering

"what is reality?"

(space for response)

... and does 'reality' exclude anything perceived?

much love