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Monday, September 15, 2008

Gra-anna's visit


I had a powerful dream where Gra-anna visited me

wearing a long flowing dress.
Her hair was long too.
She felt very beautiful and in a good space.
In the dream Gra-anna was going to a further realm
and wanted a blessing from me

She was carrying an ancient book
which she referred to
She’d chosen this day for departure based on the book which guided her to selecting this as the most auspicious day.

Time was running out and she had to go soon
moving to further realms

I said to her that if I could keep her I would
– but it wouldn’t be the right thing to do

I told her my wishes for her are wisdom, creativity and compassion
And that my personnel wish is that she carry my nurturing maternal love
with her to the furthermost reaches of the infinite universe
to draw from when she needs to

I woke feeling acceptance and also sadness

Gra-anna my beloved daughter
journeyed on this earth
She still is on a journey
We all are


Ashin Mettacara said...

My dearest sister Gra-anna did meet me in person. I hope some day we will meet and live together.
I will be with you wherever you are.
with love,

HummingBird said...

Dear Putta, Metta - what a sweet loving message - thank you

CG Walters said...

beautiful, Anna....truly auspicious day.
love and blessings,

HummingBird said...

Thank you, CG, dear heart

johanna said...

aaaaaahhhhh hummingbird...I so remember these kinds of meetings after my mother left me...she came, and let me know where she was headed next...and why...such an intense journey, (waking on a wet pillow) when we have this connection to spirit world, and our loved ones are there, and our lesson is non attachment, and unconditional knowing of this perfection...

my firm sitting down love is stroking your hair with the hands of your daughter...compassion for self is what she is headed out to learn, yes? your own self compassion has brought Gienjames to Goddess of the contented smile...(sparkling love flash from my heart to yours)

HummingBird said...

Johanna, your message is so beautiful and powerful, I have covered with goosebumps and my heart is full. Thank you. Mmm, your mother - when did she pass on? You two have such a beautiful love