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Monday, September 15, 2008

Calling on all women (Johanna's Blog)

This is the Hawk, that greeted the 1,000 Hummingbird All Nations Rebirthing Ceremony planners, Johanna and Corrina, when they went to the ancient village site, to meet with our native sisters. This ancient one made sure we understood it was by permission and authorization of the ancient hearts of that place, that we were invited to participate....

This new to our era process of joining native women with all nations of women, for the purpose of calling in our own rebirthing as a powerful force of wholeness and loving unity, has been dreamed of by many, and accomplished only in our hearts until this day.

The women of this circle...13 healers called together by fate, and representing multiple nations of mostly indigenous or native ancestral ceremony practitioners, are now preparing our most amazing meal ever: a ceremony to launch healing for women and children WORLD the stone in a pool on a full moon night...the sparkling ripples have already begun to call us forth.

From the most powerful showing of healing fire, within the depths of our lodges...we have been tasting the reality of profound spontaneous healings. WE have RE-MEMBERED ourselves as HOLY and are PREPARING to begin this most sacred march of WOMEN into our lives as empowered healers of world culture.

These words may sound lofty, yet we have been shown by the ancestors, when the dark is darkest...this, is when the light of LOVE shines most brightly...

In service of this understanding, we seek to host the light of loving and healing, by hosting for the women of our nation, and world...the seed ceremony for the One Thousand Hummingbird All Nations Womens Rebirthing Ceremony to be held for four years running, (2009-2012) as a preparation for networks that will connect women around the globe to other women of healing sources and resources.

Om Nama SHivaya
Oh Mitakuay Oyasin
Oh Mateo
Praise be to the consciousness of LOVE!


Art and Poetry said...

Beautiful bird photo!

HummingBird said...

yes, it does have a powerful presence, doesn't it