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Thursday, April 2, 2009

South Africa - a REAL trail blazer!

Have you seen that South Africa is a REAL trail blazer?

“Now is the time!”
I remember that power filled South African liberation cry!
It always applies.
Change is still imperative

I remember the days
when South Africans decided to bow to no one,
except Liberation…

Change requires
one not to be lethargic
- not to be a mere arm chair talker

I would so love Bishop Tutu for president! What an amazing being he is!
It's not such a crazy idea to have a holy man as president
- the Tibetans do...
maybe some day people will realise this is the way to go
- and have a president with real heart morality.

May all beings practice love and compassion.


Enchante said...

What is more ridiculous is that the umbrella group of 28 chinese or so are people who had to apply to live here.

How would they have felt if they were turned away for no good reason.

It looks 99% positive that the Dalai Lama will visit New Zealand. NZ has never bowed to anybody. (think US nuclear warships)

HummingBird said...

True. The thing which is glaringly obvious about the Chinese government is that their thinking seems to be very unaware in terms of concern for other human beings, or any ideology beyond grabbing for themselves. This is why one sees so many of their posts referring to people who sound at all concerned for others as "weed smoking hippies". If they are unable to learn from the precious example of the Dalai Lama, are they ever going to be capable of learning anything? One can only hope and keep trying.

Good for NZ not bowing to 'super power' structures. Unfortunately SA gave the Chinese government the impression that this is a likelihood. Shame on SA! Well we're still hoping to change this.