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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I can't believe I've just been hacked!

Surely there are bigger fish?
See this site where I was commenting on a blog titled: “How much did it cost to buy out the ANC’s soul?”. I commented under the name: HummingBird. Next moment there was another post by HummingBird – a real communist Chinese post saying something about Tibet being free and everyone is happy there. Where I commented next my name came up as Barry Benson! I reported the false HummingBird post and see its been deleted and there’s an investigation...
My post that put their back up:

It seems crazy to think we could be like Tibet soon. I guess the main difference is the majority of our population arent Buddhist - only a small minority is. People are only hearing the rumblings now - they dont realize what these mean yet.

May all beings practice love and compassion.

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