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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Farewell to FaceBook

For some time now my facebook account has been hacked. Although my profile page is visible, I have been unable to post, comment, etc. Now I have also been disabled to login, make inquiries about my password etc.

I would like to be able to login one final time in order to close my account and have written a request to FaceBook admin to close my account for me as I am unable to do so myself.

This morning I remembered that when I post a blog here from my HummingBird blogsite, it automatically shows up on FaceBook and so I'm attempting this avenue as an opportunity to say farewell to FaceBook - not to my friends and beloveds.

Those wishing to stay in contact are welcome to do so in the Gaia network where my name is hummingbird and my profile page is

I receive my Face Book notifications and have been sorry not to be able to respond to them. I would be grateful if those who read this message pass the word on so those who don't know, so they understand why I have not responded.

I have asked my daughter Natalie, who has lovingly downloaded all my photo albums, to post an explanation in my group 'passing', which I am most sorry to say goodbye to, but know all is as it must be and it will be in good hands. Those who wish to join in the Gaia Network which is a similar group are most welcome - it is a very compassionate and interactive group.

Clearly I am not meant to be here any longer. Thank you for the wonder filled journey together and may those who feel a connection contact me on Gaia - and those who don't wish to join another network, know the heart is the best meeting place of all

love a


meenakshi said...

What a beautiful message, HummingBird. So grateful to be able to connect with you at Gaia.

HummingBird said...

and I you dear Mata! I managed to close my FB account today and feel relieved. Love