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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sky Burial

(poem for Tibet)

A land in the sky was plundered
and a simple monk
torn from it’s soil
A handful of seeds
was dispersed all over earth

The teacher we could not reach
stands among us now
He says no one can liberate us
from a prison of our own making
Only we can free ourselves

Bones, cartilage and flesh
are vultures food
But the jewel
hidden in the heart
no one can destroy

Om Mani Padme Hum


Art and Poetry said...

Its a nice poem for Tibet!
There are some really meaningful lines

HummingBird said...

Tibet runs so deep in me it felt hard to write about. The Tibetans are suffering and we have all received treasure from Tibet as though their tears have turned to jewels which fell our way. I feel the tears while I see the jewels shine

CG Walters said...

....and we are blessed that it is their nature that all should continue to receive their blessings even in their suffering.
Thank you, Anna....
love and blessings

HummingBird said...

we are blessed indeed. Thank you
love to you and Kathy, CG

Lyrically speaking said...

Wow, lovely work and blog, truly enjoying your journey

HummingBird said...

thank you for resonating

hele said...

"only we can free ourselves" - thank you for these beautiful words that moved my heart and filled me with a great gratitude that i can liberate myself, slowly step by step and sometimes with a great jump forward. always trying, always moving forward, always learning to love more.

HummingBird said...

our integrity seems be good fuel for the journey - and wisdom empowers