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Saturday, January 10, 2009

What has given you the most strength?


What has given me the most strength?

The challenges and teachings of Guru Life!

A scene pops into my mind...

When my daughter, Gra-anna passed on, I went to London, where she'd lived. It was the heart of Winter (I come from a country of sunshine). There were only a couple of hours of light each day - and even then there was seldom sun. One of those days I stood outside. In this gloom of cold and semi light (who dares breathe deep when the veil is terribly thin?), I saw a tree standing, silent and bare, so in keeping with the day - but - it was covered with white flowers! A silent, proud bearer of flowers in this zone of darkness, cold and concrete felt like such a contradiction, it was almost impossible to comprehend. I thought, 'omigod, just look at this! How does anything flower in such conditions?'

I think this is how we are as human beings

The gods and deity's must watch us sometimes and be so moved - maybe that's when it rains....



Art and Poetry said...

Its a nice post!
I agree its the hard times that make us stronger somehow.

HummingBird said...

I guess we need to embrace those times rather than reject them

CG Walters said...

beautiful blog,dear Anna.
blessings and continued insight,

HummingBird said...

thank you for your visit, CG, always special. Love to you and Kathy