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Friday, December 26, 2008

New years gift Invitation

Invitation to join Group:
Daily practice and new resolutions
Click here:

You're invited to join my new group “Daily practice and new resolutions”.

(: This group feels like a good space and a number of friends have already joined and are enthusiastically participating :)


Am I happy and self accepting?

If I had one last last month on earth
what are the things I would want to do?

Can I start now?

If this were the last moment in my life
- what would my regrets be?

Can I prevent these?

What inspires me?
What am I good at
and do I give this place in my life?

Am I happy with what I do with my time?
What are my activities,
minute by minute through the day?

What are my thoughts,
minute by minute
and how do they play themselves out in my life?

Share practices, routines
and perhaps do a spring clean
(of your life)
in this non judgmental, caring place

Here you can confirm your commitments
and also share when you tumble from them!

Share resolutions,
whether they be new years resolutions,
renewed resolutions
or simply new ones.

Support, be supported and inspire!

Invite your friends to this group - it may be just the gift they need!

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