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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Extract from a conversation with the Dalai Lama


"You said you might not return. My question to you is where are you going to go?"

"To hell," the Dalai Lama retorted, bursting out in hearty laughter.

He then struck a serious note, saying that his favorite daily Buddhist prayer contains the line: "So long as sentient beings' suffering remains, I will remain in order to serve, to share their suffering."

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Art and Poetry said...

It is a nice photo of him! whenever I have seen him on TV his English has seemed very good.

HummingBird said...

Yes, I'm sure the teachings he has been spreading in the West since his exile from Tibet in 1959 have done much for his English! I love his laugh and humour and wisdom... and and and :)))) and pray the West learns the lessons he brings us

Kimberly A. Suta said...

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HummingBird said...

Thank you Kimberly, I will look into this